About The Artist


Hi, Im Emily Scott Pack and Ive been creating art for most of my life. I learned the art of expression in university and I have allowed it to guide me through life since I began. I have a Bachelors of Fine Arts from Auburn University with a concentration in Painting. I have traveled, studied, and created art in the US, UK, Thailand, and Japan.

Art and love fuel my soul and I am so blessed to have both in my life. I am married to the absolute love of my life, Preston, and we have 2 gorgeous girls, Clover and Loda. Our handsome Newfy, Rupert will steal your heart too.

We recently relocated to Beaufort South Carolina and Ive never been so over the moon about a location before in my life! I feel so at home here and im completely in love with the low country life and its amazing surroundings.

Ive always loved teaching art to others. I feel that its empowering in so many ways and have  loved sharing it with anyone willing to learn. I began this life of a painting party a few years back when we were stationed in Japan. I hosted classes and instructed all participants how to create their own paintings based off of my original works of art. I love using my location as inspiration for my class paintings and feel like it gives you a connection to the place where you are in that moment of your life.

I am so incredibly lucky to be able to create art and cant imagine my life with out my paintbrush and camera. I would love to teach you the art of expression, it truly soothes the soul.